Predictive Weather Platform


San Diego Gas and Electric is committed to building the cleanest, safest and most reliable energy company in America. MJD first partnered in 2013 to help them quantify risks of fires during Santa Ana windstorms. Dubbed the Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index, we worked with representatives from SDG&E, the U.S. Forest Service, and UCLA to design and build the web application. The tool benefits fire agencies by allowing them to better anticipate necessary resources, as well as when and where the greatest challenges might occur. On the heels of the overwhelmingly positive reception to the Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index, SDG&E contracted MJD to expand the horizons of that project as well as innovative tools for the future.

The Challenge

With California weather posing new threats and challenges every season, Our region is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and unpredictable and often extreme weather conditions, such as prolonged drought, higher temperatures, wildfires, and flooding. MJD works with SDGE on tools to enhance safety through the modernization of information delivery and notifications directed towards company leadership and decision makers.

The Solution

A robust weather forecasting system that integrates more than 150 weather data sources. This new system allows SDG&E to make intelligent decisions on resourcing particular parts of their service area during significant weather events like storms, heat waves, and high winds. The system takes form as a public facing web interface, curated by SDGE weather experts depending on the day’s most important weather conditions, and also an internal emergency weather management application.


  • Successful integration of hundreds of weather, fire and emergency API data endpoints into a single system and interface
  • Enhanced data visualizations help SDG&E personnel quickly ascertain potential risks and take the appropriate action
  • These modern software solutions have already revolutionized the organization, bringing mobile application solutions to the forefront