A Silver "Second" Screen for the SAG Awards

The Red Carpet Treatment

We started working with SAG-AFTRA and the SAG Awards in 2015 when they asked us to start from scratch on their branding and web design. One Webby Award Nomination later, and our relationship has blossomed into helping the organization with their entire digital strategy.

The Silver Screen

Our first project was to tackle SAG Award’s visually outdated and difficult to update web presence. We provided multiple concepts, and after the ballots were counted our “Silver Screen” concept was chosen. The design used elegant imagery, extensive video, a simplified layout, reorganized content and subtle silver overlays throughout the site to tie everything together visually.

Engineering Magic

A robust Drupal CMS was built allowing SAG editors easy editing of content, video, and social feeds. The site is fully responsive, which is key as SAG’s fastest growing segment uses mobile phones to access the web 70% of the time. The real magic happens on the day of the awards. As results are shown on the television broadcast of the SAG Awards, we utilize extremely easy to update content types in the CMS to allow site administrators the ability to change nominees to winners on the site in real-time. We eliminated the time gap that used to exist in updating the site, which is key in today’s multi-device digital ecosystem.


  • We were extremely honored to receive a 2016 Webby Official Nomination for the site, and a close second place finish in the Webby’s People’s Choice Awards
  • Most importantly for us, we created a fantastic working relationship with SAG-AFTRA, which has led to additional projects and guidance of the overall digital strategy that will bring the organization into the future.