Global Digital Inspiration with Local Customization 

Ever since Levi’s patented the original blue jean in 1873, wearing denim has been about making it your own. Whether that meant repairing the stresses of working in the gold fields, sitting in the bath for the true shrink-to-fit experience or adding custom cuts, pins or patches to get that one-of-a-kind look, alterations have always been part of the Levi’s® experience. Now Levi’s has launched its Tailor Shop’s worldwide in Times Square, NYC, SoGo Shanghai, and Milan to name a few of the most recent. 

The Challenge

Explore in-store digital experiences that will inspire and educate shoppers on the new Tailor Shop clothing customization offerings on a global level, but also curate with localized offerings at each location. Create a tool for store tailors to provide a better customer experience with multiple languages, content and product resources. 

The Outcome

We created an international in-store, interactive digital experience that simplifies the Tailor Shop offerings, unleashes the potential of Levi’s garments, and inspires creativity and fun for the Tailor Shop customer experience – while increasing Tailor associates efficiency and effectiveness. We also created a localized store experience for each locations specific product offerings, including a WeChat customization integration in the Shanghai location. The digital experience is available in multiple languages to enhance the ability to communication with global visitors and localized countries around the global. 

The Results

We rolled out the first MVP phase of the digital experience in time for the holidays at Levi’s Times Square flagship store, then added in additional features and store locations around the globe including Shanghai and Milan. The beautifully designed digital experience blurs the line between digital and physical, giving customers information and inspiration on the full range of localized tailoring options in each store. With much more to come, we are currently testing new features against the long term digital product roadmap we created. 

Interface Identity

We used the physical space of the tailor shop to inform the digital experience look and feel. The tailor shop oozes craft, it feels worn, it feels creative. Inspiration comes naturally when you have a view into the process, the art, and the detail that goes into every personalized garment. Because of this, we pull the garments themselves to front stage, allowing the custom designs to tell the story of self expression. Exploration of magnified details allows guests to appreciate the personalized touches along with the intricacies of Levi’s fit, fabric, and finish.

This is a big first step for the Tailor Shop, We’ve built an experience around the much-desired functions of education and inspiration, next… personalized customization tools that allow one-on-one consults with a tailor wherever you are in the world.

– Jeremy Duimstra, CEO & Director of Strategy

Previously only captured on polaroids, these creations deserved a place to shine and be explored. 

– Lindsey Harris, Creative Director