Godzilla Roars at Comic-Con

The Godzilla Encounter

As Legendary prepared to re-launch the franchise of Tokyo’s iconic radioactive monster, Godzilla, they needed to make a splash at one of the most talked about entertainment events in the world – San Diego Comic-Con.

Legendary rented a warehouse seven blocks from the San Diego Convention Center and proceeded to create a Universal Studios level attraction inside. We created a digital activation that combined Geolocation, Augmented Reality and Photo Filters to bring fans into the amazing experience that was built to house the big guy.

Geolocation and Beacon Close Proximity Technology

We used Qualcomm’s Gimbal technology to create a geofence around the WAREHOUSE, and then built a Geiger counter interface to lead users to the nuclear monster. Starting from the Convention Center users would point themselves in the right direction of the warehouse and the Geiger counter would start to click and the needle interface would start to rise. As they moved closer towards the event location, clicking sounds and dangerous warning animations would continue until they reached the location, found the monster and entered the experience.

Augmented Reality

Once inside the experience, users were challenged to find five Japanese language posters with the “Translator” portion of the app. Upon finding a poster, a user would hold their phone up to it and magically see the text translated to English. Qualcomm’s Vuforia augmented reality software was used to create this effect. Upon collecting all five posters, the user would unlock exclusive, never-seen-before content – key art from the upcoming movie.

Monster Results

  • Amazing nationwide coverage in USAToday and numerous pop culture sites and publications – both before and during SDCC
  • Over 10,000+ downloads in just four days
  • Tremendous buzz and excitement for the experience caused the Legendary team to expand event hours to meet high demand
  • Thousands of people safely made it through the experience – only three reported casualties from Godzilla’s city rampage
  • We were honored to receive multiple industry awards for this project including:
    • Webby Award Honoree
    • Gold and Silver OMMA Award
    • Gold and Silver W3 Award
    • Gold ADDY