Product Interface Design Sprint


Galley is a complete kitchen management software solution focusing on recipes and ingredients—the core data of a food operation. From this foundation, Galley builds beautiful and easy-to-use tools that empower chefs, including inventory management and purchasing.


Following analysis of beta customer feedback, Galley sought to elevate and streamline the backend user experience, as well as update their playful brand tone to a more modern and timeless feel. The depth of features and functionality Galley offers would be better served by a simple, elegant interface design.


Utilizing an integrated, team-based model, our brand, UX, and UI specialists worked alongside the Galley team for a two week product design sprint. In this highly iterative and collaborative setting, our efficiency and flexibility allowed us to go from lean UX to high-definition design in a condensed amount of time.


We leveraged our design and front-end development expertise to address each of the customer experience pain points, homing in on a modern kitchen brand concept with thoughtful and efficient UI language. We delivered a ‘kit of parts’ style guide for future implementation within all product interface screens to the Galley team, and a transformative product launch for the Galley customers.