Electrolux Digital Kitchen Prototype

The Brief

MJD partnered with retail architecture firm WD Partners and Electrolux to create a new digital customer experience for shopping kitchen appliances. Electrolux has a massive line of appliance types and features to choose from, and we built a tool to show how any appliance would fit in with your kitchen design. We worked as a team to come up with a digital mood board concept to help inspire and create your kitchen and a life size, touch screen endless aisle display of options to choose from.

Customer Experience

When designing out a whole new type of showroom digital shopping experience it is critical to understand the customer journey. We worked through understanding:

  • Customer buying considerations
  • Time available in-store
  • In-store space needs
  • Size of digital screens with average height
  • Touch screen aspects and creating an easy user experience

“Touchable” wireframe prototypes were created to flush out all the moving parts and test specific user experiences against our ideas.

Endless Aisle

With so many appliance options and so little space in the showroom, we came up with an endless aisle digital experience concept. Visitors would be able to:

  •  Swipe through live sized appliances and large format digital touch screen
  • Filter through hundreds of brands, types, and features
  • Touch enabled to highlight specific features
  • Watch product highlight videos
  • Save/email product info

Overall user interface design was modern, sleek and on brand for Electrolux.