Technology and In-Store Associates Can Be a Match Made in Retail Heaven: Here’s How to Get It Right

Digital media and connected devices may be all the rage, but even the snazziest of retail initiatives will fall flat if they’re not backed by human interactions and customer service.

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How to Create Great Commerce Experiences in 2019

Today’s retail landscape is very interesting, to say the least. Consumer expectations are higher than ever, and we’re seeing all sorts of players — from larger-than-life corporations like Amazon to media companies like Buzzfeed — disrupting the retail space.

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Component-Based Typography Systems

Creating usable components in digital design is an essential part to building a design system and systems help create consistency, which is a core tenant of digital design.

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JavaScript and Drones: Insights from JSConf 2018

This year’s JSConf US event in Carlsbad, CA drew JavaScript enthusiasts from around the world to MJD’s neighborhood for a series of talks and activities.

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MJD named Webby Award Honoree for Best Website Navigation/Structure in 2018

We are thrilled to announce that the American Girl 'Create your own' website has been named as a Webby Award Honoree for Best Website Navigation/Structure in 2018. This marks the fourth year in a row that MJD has won a Webby Honoree.

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Make It Pop! How to Build a Great Pop-Up Shop

As a digital innovation agency, we have always put a significant emphasis on designing, prototyping, and testing fast/early/often. Pop-Up Shops are the epitome of that philosophy in physical retail locations.

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Our favorite people, ideas, and sentiments from the Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference 2018

After spending the latter of last week attending the 2018 Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference, we’ve whipped up the moments that resonated the most through our collective experiences.

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The State of Digital Type in 2018

When a typeface reaches ubiquity it becomes banal or worse, contemptible. For brands, the risk in using these familiar faces means losing their individuality.

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The Season’s Best Connected Toys

Over the last three years, we’ve had a bit of a kid explosion here at the office, and when you mix all those little tikes with our crew of super nerds, toy talk gets technical.

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How to Get Your Mobile App Ready for iPhone X

iPhone X devices started arriving for customers last week, heralding the biggest hardware change to the iPhone line since its inception.

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The “Future of Retail”: Fulfilling Prophesies? Or Promises?

MJD recently completed a comprehensive research study on the “Future of Retail” that included focus groups, surveys, the review of 64 articles, 14 Powerpoint decks, 16 white papers, and 2 additional research studies.

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The Top Four Technologies from 2017 2017, the NRF conference focused on e-Commerce, went down last week. MJD was there both as a participant in the renowned Tech Lab, as well as a group of digital retail geeks excited to check things out. Here’s what we found.

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Cross Platform Strategies For Mobile

At MJD Interactive we develop high quality, award-winning mobile apps.

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MJD Partners With NRF To Sponsor And Showcase Retail Innovation

We are excited to announce our partnership with NRF that will allow MJD to share our retail thought leadership and digital innovation process with forward thinking retailers.

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What Does a Digital Innovation Agency Do? A Story Mom & Dad Would Understand.

My mom and dad still do not know what the heck I do every day.

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Prototyping: Why, When, How

When a typeface reaches ubiquity it becomes banal or worse, contemptible. For brands, the risk in using these familiar faces means losing their individuality.

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The Evolution of Retail, Pt. 4: Customer Expectations

Evolution of Retail Series Part 4 of 4

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