Matt leads mobile, embedded and retail technology solutions at MJD, helping push the engineering limits of both physical and digital innovation experiences. Matt has a background in electrical engineering, starting his career off working at General Electric and Texas Instruments, before heading agency-side to lead mobile and technology engineering efforts at ChaiOne where he worked on large enterprise technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

A graduate of University of Florida with a masters degree in electrical and computer engineering, Matt brings over 10 years of innovative engineering solutions to the team. Matt is also an international speaker on mobile development best practices, and most recently co-authored one of the first books on developing for Apple’s new Watch product. Matt is an engineer, developer, hacker, creator, and tinkerer. As an active member of the iOS community he has led numerous successful digital projects worldwide. He’s the creator of Buoy Explorer, a marine conditions app for water sports enthusiasts, and Wrist Presenter, an app that lets you control presentations wirelessly with your smart watch.