Director of Production

Starting his career during the dotcom boom of the late 90s, John was the best designer in a room full of programmers, and the best programmer in a room full of designers. His years obsessing over typography, grid systems, stored procedures, and color theory earned him a solid foundation for leading and optimizing operations in an agency setting. Originally from Chicago, John has worked in multiple major US markets, with highlights including Senior Director, Web Development at San Diego’s Student Loan Xpress (née, founder of a music fitness product in San Francisco, and Director of Operations for Houston-based ChaiOne.

With a client history ranging from innovative start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises, John’s role of continuous process enhancement for the delivery practice provides MJD’s clients with top-tier project governance and execution.

When not analyzing performance data or forecasting capacity utilization, John likes to play guitar with various musicians. Growing up playing indie and thrash, he’s now studying jazz (but won’t say he can actually play jazz until he’s mastered tritone substitution).