We Believe In

Doing The Right Thing, Always.

For our employees, for our clients, for the environment and for making the world a better place overall. It's nicer that way.

Brand Promise

It's easy to get dazzled by the latest shiny new technology. We help our clients avoid this costly mistake by focusing on building digital products and experiences that align their brand promise with user validation.

Experiences over Advertisements

Studies have proven that high experience brands outperform the S&P 500 by 200%. People remember a good experience. Businesses create value by providing good experiences. We make that happen.

Rapid Prototyping over Big Reveals

We work in agile, iterative collaboration with our clients to build prototypes in a matter of days that can be tested with customers in real world situations. Speed matters.

Radical Collaboration over Silos

The only way to achieve something innovative is through radical collaboration. We live this internally at MJD and run all our partnerships the same.

Agile over Waterfall

Things change - it's going to happen. An Agile approach lets us collaborate with clients as a part of their team to build the best product. We embrace change as we test prototypes, ultimately leading to a more successful project launch.

Everyone is a Creative

The Creative team is not the design team. It’s made up of clients, designers, strategists, UX experts, engineering wizards and all of us in between. We are all creative thinkers. Together, good work becomes great work.

Everything has a Story

Award winning work doesn’t just look cool. It has a voice, a fresh perspective, and a story to tell. Our job is to uncover it and then speak it clearly and consistently.

Leadership Team

Our Space

San Diego Studio

Located 2 blocks from the ocean in Pacific Beach community of San Diego our main studio exudes a creative California vibe. We are surrounded by great lunch spots and an even more eclectic mix of weird that inspires us on a daily basis. Stop on by if you are in the neighborhood.

Upcoming Lunch & Learn :

The End of the Beginning - software eating the world

The "Campground" Courtyard

Our community space allows us inside/outside working space (yes its San Diego) and to host monthly industry events. Ping pong and picnic tables included with our very own campfire and camper named Gus. Contact us if you are interested in having an event.

Upcoming Event: