Stride-Rite Grows Into Retail’s Future

"Best Branded Parenting App of the Year" - AdAge


MJD partnered with children’s shoe retail giant Stride Rite to launch an innovative iPad mobile application that combines at-home foot measurement, a virtual dressing room and online purchasing. The app’s main feature is to enable parents to get an accurate foot measurement by simply taking a picture of their children’s feet, without having to take their kids into the store. MJD worked to provide a cutting edge digital product for Stride Rite. We thought through the buying decisions and user experience a parent would normally make in-store and made them available via the mobile application.

Hyper-Accurate Foot Measurement

It was extremely important to have accurate foot measurements in the app. With the rapid rate of growth of children’s feet and small differences in the perfect fit for any given shoe size, the mobile app needed to be accurate to 1mm. This was accomplished by developing patent-pending algorithms that measure the foot while resting on a reference object. Care was taken to eliminate measurement shifts due to taking a photo at different angles. This was accomplished by adding in a user interface to control pitch and roll of the camera. Line up the target, and take your photo for the most accurate digital sizing available today.

My Kids

Kids grow – quickly. We knew that it would be very handy for parents to both track the growth of their children’s feet, and to let them know when new measurements are necessary. The app gives a historical record of foot measurements for each child. Along with those, it gives projected growth with a time frame in which that growth will occur. Notifications let parents know that their kids might be close to outgrowing their current kicks.

Virtual Try-On

To add a little magic to the app, we decided to allow parents and kids the ability to try on Stride Rite shoes in a virtual environment. Using either girl or boy models built into the app, or by taking a photo of your child, app users can tap, flick and resize shoes that show up directly on the photo’s feet. Figure out your shoe size, try on a few options, and then buy the shoes online.

Foot Doodles

To add a little fun for the kids themselves, while building brand affinity, we added Foot Doodles. Remember making art out of your hand and footprints in elementary school? This is a souped up digital version of that crossed with Mr. Potato Head for good measure. Drag footprints onto the canvas, choose your Potato Head style face shapes and accessories, color each object, and create a masterpiece!


  • 2015 Webby Awards Honoree
  • Name by AdAge as the “Best Branded Parenting App of the Year”
  • 2015 ADDY Award Winner
  • W3 Awards Winner – Best Use of Mobile Camera
  • Davey Award Winner – Mobile App Features, Best Use of a Mobile Camera

“The technology created for this app was extraordinarily innovative. Our requirement was to be within 1 millimeter of accuracy with the foot measurement, using an unknown smartphone’s camera, in an environment where we didn’t control lighting, camera angle, movement of wiggly kid’s feet, or a number of other variables. I’m proud to say that MJD Engineering pulled it off.”

Jeremy Duimstra, Co-Founder and CEO, MJD

Stride-Rite Grows Into Retail’s Future

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