Retail EXP: The Future of Personalized Shopping

Mobile Product Innovation

Retail Innovation

Retail EXP was created in MJD’s Skunkworks Lab to showcase our retail and technology expertise. The retail innovation product combines a mobile app, e-Commerce and product favoriting with in-store personalization. The mobile app integrates with an in-store tablet kiosk and multiple e-Commerce platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager, Demandware, IBM Websphere, Shopify and others to bridge the gap between online shopping and the experiences possible in a physical store.

Once the customer walks into the store, Bluetooth beacons and the in-store tablets recognize the person and the product favorites that they saved online. Ambient lighting, digital displays and text or app based notifications to retail sales associates occurs to guide the customer to their favorite products. Smart digital displays work side-by-side with associates to educate customers about the products, and checkout is simplified with mobile app solutions that don’t require traditional POS.


  • More personalized content when and where you need it in the store
  • More convenient shopping experiences to allow store pick up and product wayfinding  
  • Advanced back end analytics to show time in-store, heatmaps, product favorited vs. products purchased, associate response times, and omni-channel tracking and activity measurements    
  • In-store associates get instant access to consumer favorites for better service and experience

US Mobile Payments Will Reach $14B by 2019.

- Forrester Research Blog

50% of those who opted to buy online and pick up in store encountered problems in 2015.

- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Retail 2015 Predictions

Retail EXP: The Future of Personalized Shopping

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