Oakley Introduces Wearables to the Ski Industry

Airwave Goggles Wearable Product Development

Next Generation Wearable Technology

MJD worked with Oakley to launch the updated 1.5 version of the Airwave heads up display app (think Google glasses for skiing) that is completely revamped from its earlier version. The new release incorporates updated pairing with Bluetooth LE, updated SDK integrations from physical device specs, and a complete overhaul of the technology and user experience to enable the next generation wearable tech to function at the top of its game when on the mountain.

Connected for a Day on the Slopes

Paired with your phone so you can get real time data as you ride.

See how fast you’re going as you carve the slopes.

Know your distance, height and airtime.

Track your vertical feet by run, by day or by season.

On-board temperature sensor and GPS-based navigation tools.

Calls and Texts
View incoming calls and messages on your goggle, as you receive them.

Playlist mode lets you listen while you ski or board

Social Media
Automatically send a Tweet or Facebook entry when you hit speed or height milestones.

Oakley Introduces Wearables to the Ski Industry

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