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MJD partnered with Sycuan Casino to design and develop their next generation guest and hospitality software platform. The platform interfaced with House Advantage’s Halo backend and API services, powering both Sycuan’s flagship iOS and Android mobile applications as well as a white labeled solution that Sycuan now sells through their partnership with Aristocrat. This gave Sycuan lucrative dual revenue streams from both their branded app and the white label offering.

The platform and mobile applications sync a players club card so they have real time access to rewards points, special cash offers, casino events and push notification updates. Other notable features are the ability see what games you play most, where certain games are located inside the casino and game play information.

User Experience

We began the UX process by spending time with casino guests in multiple parts of their customer journey. We did field research on guests at home, figuring out how they make a decision to go to a casino amid other entertainment choices, and then how they choose a particular casino. We interviewed guests in the casino to see how a mobile app could enhance their experience. Finally, we did more field research with guests at home, after their visit, to see how a rewards platform across web and mobile would keep them coming back.

With this information, we began putting together personas, information architecture documentation and wireframes. We built wireframe prototypes as well, testing them on actual casino customers to ensure that our feature set would resonate.


Our emphasis on user testing flowed into the design phase where we tested multiple concepts with casino customers to get hard data on user interface preferences. This was particularly interesting for this project because we had both a Sycuan branded app, and a white labeled app.

There was a huge focus on data visualization and making the dynamic data look and work as elegantly as possible. Great care was taken to add the most modern mobile design possible. We combined established design patterns and gesture controls for both iOS and Android with custom design in areas like navigation and application controls. This gives the user an immediate feeling of comfort with the app, while allowing elements of surprise and delight.


The Sycuan Casino Guest and Hospitality software platform included an administration backend that talked to House Advantage’s Halo system, providing customer data, reward systems and more.

During the process of building the platform for Sycuan, it became clear that Halo’s API structure needed to be modernized. We helped with the strategy, documentation and consultation on how to accomplish that, improving the system for all House Advantage customers.

From there, we designed and developed native iOS and Android mobile applications. During each release of software, we again tested with users to comfirm our UX and design findings for user interface functionality and excitement for features.


  • Creation of a major new revenue stream for Sycuan
  • 4.5 Star rating on both the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Extremely high recurrent use by users checking loyalty points, reserving restaurants and events and more

“Cool app! Best casino app I’ve seen. Love rapid reserve no more waiting at buffet!”

MisterZilla on Apple's App Store

This is a great app. Very interactive and engaging. You can earn in app points, achievement badges and check all the events and promotions. It’s fantastic!

Ryan Edmundson

Casino on the Go

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