American Girl Store of the Future

Omni-Channel Digital Platform and In-Store Digital Experiences

The Brief: American Girl is in Transition

American Girl is considered a pioneer of experiential retail thanks to making shopping, playing, styling hair, cooking, and eating commonplace in a trip to the American Girl Doll store.  We have partnered with globally renowned Brand Experience Firm FRCH and are working together to launch the “Store of the Future”. MJD was charged to plan and execute the digital Omni-channel guest experience for the new, 40,000 square foot, American Girl Flagship store in New York City.

Though the brand has long been prescient about making shopping experiential, it is even more important in 2016. “As we look at girls today and millennial moms, they’re seeking brands that deliver positive, meaningful experiences, not just products,” says Wade Opland, American Girl’s Senior Vice President of Global Retail. As he puts it, they’re asking themselves, “How does it tie back to me?”

Digital Touch Points

MJD is providing a retail technology platform strategy, with design and development of in-store digital experiences and Omni-channel touch points across mobile, web, Internet of Things, In-Store, loyalty programs, wishlists, e-Commerce, POS, reservations and more.


Coming soon! The store launches for the holiday season in 2017!

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with American Girl and FRCH on a store that will bring so much joy to so many girls. The digital experiences we’re building will help build the narrative around the dolls while inspiring self expression, personalization and individuality for every girl that visits.”

Jeremy Duimstra, Co-Founder and CEO, MJD

“This store will be the reinvention,” Opland emphasizes. “It really is our store of the future, and from this one, we will evolve our other stores over time.”

Wade Opland, American Girl Senior VP of Global Retail

American Girl Store of the Future

Meaningful Connections

At MJD we are striving to give meaning to the digital connections between people. We aim to elicit emotion when someone uses a digital product, experience or platform that we’ve designed and built. It could be something simple like a beautifully designed user interface that makes working with a smartphone exceptionally easy. It could be something hard like creating a Store of the Future where little girls can fall in love with a doll and be inspired to create their own strong path in this big world.

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